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OUTPUT Festival 2007: The Soul of the Tone

The triennial OUTPUT Festival puts the electric guitar directly in the spotlight for a whole weekend: a broad audience is given the possibility to hear the best music that has been composed for the instrument in the last decades. The motto chosen for the second edition of the OUTPUT Festival is The Soul of the Tone.

Chiel Meijering’s The Wave: 150 amateur guitarists with Jan Akkerman!

Chiel Meijering has written a 15 to 20 minute work for 150 amateur guitarists entitled The Wave. The new composition has been worked on since the spring of 2007 by electric guitar teachers and students at around 12 music schools, spread over the whole of the Netherlands. Participants come in all ages and levels. The piece is written such that it can be worked on by small groups; the whole will only be put together on the day itself, when all the independent, assorted pieces will be fitted together like a puzzle.

Co-Producer: NPS Radio 4

NPS Radio 4 is acting as co-producer for this second edition of the Festival. This has meant that the Festival has been able to add orchestral works in which the electric guitar features as solo instrument to its programme (the Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra) will perform Friday, September 28).

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Anthony Fiumara
Wiek Hijmans

festival directors
May 9, 2007